Who Can Help Stop Delays And Denials? John Can!

Many people in Hartford and throughout the state are not financially prepared to handle a workplace injury. You can quickly deplete savings accounts to pay high deductibles, out-of-pocket expenses and even keep the lights on and the mortgage paid at a time when you are unable to bring home a paycheck.

The reality is that you need benefits, but you need them as soon as possible to avoid serious financial harm. Unfortunately, delays and denials are common in the workers' compensation claims process in Connecticut.

When put the Law Offices of John Cantarella, LLC, on your side, you benefit from a lawyer who knows what works to help:

  • Get your claim approved
  • Maximize your monetary settlement or award
  • Finalize the process as soon as possible

I Know How To Fight Denials And Keep The Process Moving

Insurance companies are in the business of making money, which means that claims are often underpaid or denied. This is true, but the insurance industry is much more complicated. Delays and denials are caused by so many factors from understaffing issues to the way that the company itself is structured.

With my 10 years spent as a defense attorney, I know the inner workings of these companies and how they handle workers' compensation claims. My understanding of the way a company flag cases for review or the mistakes adjusters cite as reasons for delays or denials helps me anticipate challenges instead of reacting to them. Even my comprehensive understanding of the different levels and types of insurance gives me an advantage in negotiations and settlements.

When there are delays, I know who to contact and what to say to keep the process moving.

Was Your Claim Denied Or Delayed? Meet With John Cantarella.

When you suffer a serious workplace injury or illness, I know that you are suffering. My goal is to help you get results, and that begins by offering free initial consultations. Schedule yours by dialing 860-513-2192. You can also send me an email, and I will return your message promptly.