Lawyer Helping Workers Deal With Workplace Illness

The consequences of toxic exposure at the workplace are not always immediately apparent. Even after it is obvious that a worker is seriously ill, it may be extremely difficult tracing the illness back to the workplace. And though the onset of illness does not appear until years after the exposure has taken place, such workplace illnesses can be serious, long lasting, and even lead to death.

Depending upon the kind of exposure, you may eligible for workers' compensation benefits and be able to hold third parties responsible in personal injury claims. With over 20 years of attorney representation of injured workers, I understand what steps to take to successfully obtain the settlement or trial verdict that will best meet your needs.

What Is A Workplace Toxic Exposure Case?

Toxic exposure cases include:

  • Long-term exposure to chemicals such as asbestos leading to mesothelioma and other cancers
  • Exposure to lead or mercury leading to blood poisoning and brain damage
  • Inhalation of toxic fumes leading black lung disease and carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Contact with corrosive materials that cause burns or serious irritation to skin and other tissue
  • Contamination of drinking water leading to a large variety of ailments
  • Diseases related to exposure to specific chemicals

Unfortunately, workers are often not aware of the dangers of such exposure or even aware that exposure is taking place. Employers may fail to warn workers of the dangers or not implement the proper procedures that would prevent exposure from even taking place.

My law office can help you identify whether a work-related illness has occurred. We can also help you determine which parties are responsible for your injuries and illness. Because of our experience and close ties with the community, we have access to local experts who can identify the source of the exposure. Due to the personalized representation we provide, we can resolve your case through negotiation and through trial if necessary.

How To Contact Our Firm

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