Helping Construction Workers Following Workplace Accidents

Construction workers experience dangers on a daily basis that can lead to severe and disabling injuries. And because employers do not always put in place safety measures that prevent construction accidents from occurring, workers face injuries due to scaffolding collapses, falls, and entanglement in equipment and machinery. Some workers receive scalding and burns due to exposure to construction materials such as hot tar or asphalt. It is also common for construction workers to face life-threatening injuries due to electrocution or electric shock.

I am attorney John Cantarella of Hartford, Connecticut. I work toward holding employers, contractors, subcontractors and construction companies accountable for not implementing safety procedures at the workplace that could prevent construction accidents from occurring. As a board-certified workers' compensation specialist and attorney I understand the workers' compensation process and how to maximize your recovery through filing a workers' compensation claim.

Why Construction Accidents Happen

There are many kinds of construction accidents. Many such mishaps would be entirely avoidable if workplace safety was a higher priority at construction sites. These accidents can occur due to:

  • Negligently constructed scaffolding resulting in falls or workers being struck by falling objects
  • Poorly maintained equipment resulting in workers coming into contact with moving parts
  • Workers being struck or crushed due to negligent operation of machinery or improper operation of cranes
  • Electrical shocks due to exposed and unprotected wiring
  • Falls resulting from workplace sites not being properly marked warning workers of the dangers
  • Falling bricks or other construction materials that subsequently strikes workers
  • Chemical exposure resulting in injury and illness
  • Workplace injuries due to employers failing to following OSHA or other workplace safety standards

Catastrophic injury such as traumatic brain injury, third-degree burns, broken bones and paralysis can be the result. Since such injuries are often permanent, it is important to have a lawyer on your side who understands both workers' compensation law and how to hold negligent parties accountable in personal injury lawsuits.

I have been providing representation to injured construction workers for over 20 years. I understand the most pressing needs of injured workers and their families, and know the kind of approach to take in successfully resolving your workers' compensation and personal injury claims.

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