When Your Work Injury Returns

You were injured at work. You applied for and received workers' compensation benefits. You got the surgeries your doctor recommended. You completed the physical therapy necessary to get back to work. You stopped receiving benefits. When you thought your work injury was in the past, it comes back, but the insurance company tells you that your case is closed.

At the Law Offices of John Cantarella, LLC, I have seen many people in the Hartford area who have found themselves in this and similar situations. As a board-certified workers' compensation specialist, I have also helped many of these people get the benefits they need when the pain from old work injuries returns or a pre-existing condition is aggravated by new trauma.

Things You Need To Know About Old Injuries And Aggravations

Connecticut workers' compensation laws are highly complex, which is why you should always talk to an experienced attorney. Of course, knowing a few things about the process never hurts:

  • Closing cases: Despite what an adjuster may say, the insurance company cannot close your case. Work injury claims stay open throughout your lifetime.
  • Pre-existing conditions: You may have already had a disability, chronic pain or injury when your current employer hired you. When a workplace accident aggravates this pre-existing condition, you can still recover benefits for the portion of your disability attributable to the new accident.
  • Relapse caused outside of work: If you suffer relapse of an old work injury because of something that happens at home or another location unrelated to work, your original claim is still open.
  • Settlements: Accepting a settlement offer could result in a stipulation with the insurance carrier that closes your claim. Do not sign any settlement offers without talking to an attorney.

Has Your Injury Returned? Did New Trauma Aggravate An Old Injury? Call Me.

Even the thought of dealing with the workers' compensation process all over again can cause significant anxiety and stress. With me, you can be confident that you have a lawyer on your side working efficiently to get you the money you need.

Call my law office at 860-513-2192. You can also complete a confidential online form if you prefer to send me an email. Even though you may be dealing with an old claim, I still offer free initial consultations and will charge nothing until you get paid.