Settlement Highlights:

Mr. K of Manchester, CT suffered a work related traumatic brain injury, vision loss and hearing loss Settlement of $400,000 indemnity plus future medical set aside funds of $424,748 to protect Medicare's Interest.

Ms. S of East Hartford, CT suffered a work related head injury resulting in post-concussion syndrome. Settlement of $225,000 dollars inclusive of indemnity benefits and future medical treatment.

Mark F. of Harwinton, CT suffered work related back injury that led to a 2 level fusion surgery plus a spinal cord stimulator of the lumbar spine. A permanency awards of 32% of the lumbar spine was paid. Thereafter, the claim settled for Indemnity of $200,000 dollars plus $201,234 for future medical set aside funds to protect Medicare's interest.

Mr. C. of Killingworth, CT injured back while moving desk. Contested back fusion.
Award: $150,000

Ms. D. of West Hartford, CT involved in MVA while driving from a training. She underwent back fusion surgery:
Award: $170,000 + PPD benefits paid

Mr. G. of New Haven, CT suffered from Occupational Disease of the lungs as a result of being exposed to toxic metals and other irritants.
Award: $300,000 (Indemnity Only. Medicals remain open.

Mr. J. of Waterbury, CT injured master right arm while pushing heavy metals.
Award: $50,000 + PPD benefits paid:

Mr. K. of Oxford, CT struck head on robotic arm causing post-traumatic headaches.
Award: $47,000

Ms. M. of East Hartford, CT was involved in MVA while working. She suffered a back injury which required fusion surgery.
Award: $155,000. Medicals remain open.

Mr. O. of Bristol, CT suffered an aggravation of a neck fusion caused by infection.
Award: $147,703.50:

Ms. O. of East Hartford, CT suffered multiple bodily injuries over course of employment.
Award: $125,000 (Indemnity only) Medicals remain open.

Ms. P. of Berlin, CT sustained a soft tissue back injury while assisting patient.
Award: $15,000.

Ms. S. of South Windsor, CT slipped and fell on wet floor and injured her left ankle/foot.
Award: $65,000 + PPD benefits paid.

Mr. S. of Bridgeport, CT sustained bilateral crushed feet when he jumped off gate of truck.
Award: $150,549.57

Mr. T. of Norwich, CT injured himself while lifting a couch which caused him to require hernia surgery with very poor results.
Award: $300,000.

Mr. W. of Berlin, CT injured his back when he slipped and fell and was required to undergo surgery.
Award: $102,800.

Mr. K. of Hartford, CT suffered multiple bodily injuries while employed as a janitor in municipal school. Award: $110,000.

*PPD: Permanent Partial Disability

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