Meet John B. Cantarella

My name is John B. Cantarella, a board-certified workers' compensation specialist and a personal injury attorney. In 1994, I began my legal career working for Zurich North America Insurance Company and then at a large national law firm where I ran the Connecticut branch. In these roles I had incredible success defending fortune 500 companies.

The Law Offices of John Cantarella, LLC, represents claimants and plaintiffs in lawsuits filed against these major insurance companies and corporations in Hartford and throughout the state. My practice is devoted entirely to helping the people who have been injured. Why do I make it a point to highlight my 10 years of experience on the other side of the table?

My Experience On Both Sides Of The Table Helps You

Working as a lawyer for the defense is a different world. You are required to make quick and strategic decisions with millions of dollars on the line. You are forced to take on massive workloads while still producing results. My current clients benefit not only from my litigation skills honed during this time, but from my comprehensive knowledge of how the other side works and builds its case.

"I don't have to try to sell you on the idea that I have what it takes to win. You can look at my history of results and let those speak for themselves."

In the legal community, I have earned a reputation as a formidable trial attorney who gets results. Colleagues not only understand that I have skill and experience, but they know that I will go to trial if necessary. They know that I always ask the tough questions, won't back down from challenges or intimidation and will put in the time and effort necessary to build a strong case that is ready for trial.

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Have You Been Injured? Do You Want A Serious Attorney? Contact Me.

As a solo practitioner, you can be sure that I will always be the attorney on your case. I handle the details, I talk to the insurance companies and I answer your calls and questions. Meet with me in a free initial consultation and never pay a fee unless I win your case.

Contact my law office by calling 860-513-2192. You may also complete a form online and email me your information. I make accommodations based on your needs when you have suffered serious injuries, including meeting you at home or in the hospital.